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A Portrait

by Sabina Stachura

Looking through a soul trapped in ones body
Drowning its colours in the freedom of a shadow
That's how it's created the portrait of somebody
Whose hidden beauty is always to follow...

Drawing a perfect outline of a face
Mask that's been put on along the way
Leaving the features with its own taste
Still concentrating on the inside's frame

Lights are a background to highlights of a posture
Underlining only what's worth presenting
Showing the magic of a frozen gesture
Of a person that's drown in this existence painting

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Tiramisu Studio was founded in 2013 resulting from our experience in photography gained over the last couple of years. Since 2007, we have travelled a lot and our photo galleries represent an impressive collection of photographs of landscapes from many interesting parts of the World.

We also shoot art portraits and nature/macro, and following our interest in cuisines from all aver the world we love shooting food.

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