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What we do?

Photography. Since we can remember. One day a hobby turned into a passion, and the passion into the way of living. Taking pictures is a pleasure and when you do it with an understanding of all related issues, it can bring satisfaction to both, clients and us, photographers.

We offer professional services in the field of commercial photography being an integral part of the process of creating the image of any business, and this activity is supported by many years of experience gained while working with commercial and individual clients, shooting architecture and interiors, products, as well as management teams and employees.

What is business and commercial photography?

Corporate and Business Photography: images of management and employees in their workplace, in a photo studio or outdoors. It also includes photographic documentation of business trips, business meetings, conferences and symposia, special events and incentive travel. See sample projects or portraits photo gallery.

Architecture, Interiors and Details Photography: images of company premises, headquarters, offices, or other objects, such as manufacturing plants, machinery and equipment. See sample projects.

Product Photography, through which any manufacturer, import/export agency, store or internet shop can showcase their products and/or services on the website, in any kind of promotional materials or in the media. Product Photography can be done in a photo studio, as well as at the client's premises using professional photo lighting. See sample images of products.

Any other project, where professional images are required for a company's website, promotional materials such as product catalogs, brochures, flyers, business cards, and even publishing in the media (magazines, TV ads, etc.).

Graphic Design

We also provide graphic design services, such as designing product catalogues, folders, brochures, flyers, business cards, calendars, letterhead and preparing these materials for printing. See sample projects.

and finally...

...this is what we love the most: traveling and tiramisu cake. Hence the name of the company and a lot of beautiful images from around the world showcased in our landscape photo gallery.

Who we are?

The idea to establish Tiramisu Studio is based on many years of experience gained througout provision of photographic services for companies and individual clients. We focus on quality and professionalism, which is strongly associated with our knowledge about photographic techniques, equipment, lighting and issues related to image processing and graphic design. Despite many years of experience, we are continuously developing our skills and broadening the knowledge.

We always look for exceptional solutions and each client is dealt with on case by case basis. We always listen, but we are happy to suggest our own ideas. In our work, there is no such thing as working "in a run" or "inaccurately", and that is why final results are always of the highest quality.

Working with Nikon photographic equipment and Apple computers ensures unrivalled technical capabilities, at the same time professional support for creative processes. It is complemented by Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator utilised for image editing and graphic design.

Contact us

If you are currently working on a project and it requires photographic factor that constitutes such an important part of professional presentation of your company, or you are planning to change the company's image or graphic design, or to refresh the website or promotional materials, or simply you are not quite happy with the quality of images you have at the moment, call us on +48 731 213 333 and we will discuss your requirements, or alternatively send us a message and we will call you back.

Legal stuff - Copyrights  

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